SAML2 Integration Guide

Integrating a service provider with Feide

Version Date Initials Comments
1.0 Nov 2009 HV First version of this document
1.1 Dec 2009 HV Updated URLs and test information
1.2 May 2010 HV Updated URLs
1.3 Aug 2010 HV Updated URLs
1.4 Feb 2012 HV Contact information for Feide updated
1.5 May 2013 HV Updated URLs and added information about ForgeRock OpenAM
1.6 Jan 2014 HV The term subscribe/subscription is now substituted by activate/activation.
1.7 May 2015 JPC Support for the HTTP-POST binding, formatting and minor fixes
1.8 Mar 2016 JPC Stop requiring Single Logout support.
1.9 Sept 2018 SL Convert to web document, cosmetic changes.