Managing access to data


The Feide customer portal has now replaced the Dataporten dashboard for most tasks. However, managing access to data must still be done from the dashboard.

The section “Access to data sources” in the Dashboard lets the host organization administrator manage access to data sources. If you press “Manage access to data sources (APIs)”, you get to a page listing applications and APIs they want access to when a user from your organization is logged in to the application.


For each application, the page shows APIs with scopes and subscopes you may approve or reject.

If you have scrolled down on the page, it is easy to overlook the “Save changes” button near the top. If you do not press this button, changes will be lost.

The page shows APIs which are accessed through the Feide API Gatekeeper. The APIs show up unless the API owner has set the organization accept policy to Auto-accept for all scopes in the API. See Granting clients access to your API.