Check user existence#


This API is provided as a proof of concept. It will most likely be replaced by the Userinfo API, once that can be used outside the context of a logged in user.

To get access to the checkuser API follow these steps:

  1. Your client needs the gk_checkuser and gk_checkuser_systemlookup scopes. To get these please send a message to

  2. Contact the organisation whose users you wish to check the existence of. The organisation needs to log in to dataporten and give your client access to their data sources. The organisation needs to accept your request for the systemlookup scope. They can read about how to do this at “Managing access in Dataporten Dashboard”.

To use the checkuser API your client needs to get an access token using the client credentials flow. Then, simply send a request to the following endpoint with your access token

Example request:

GET /check_single/username%40domain HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer 0f0935c3-a997-40fb-89c2-f7da126ba5d9

Example response:

   "exists": true

The "exists" attribute has the value true if the user exists, otherwise false.