What must be done to change the realm (domain) of an organization?#

Short answer: It is possible, but very painful.

The domain that is configured for the organization in Feide is used to identify the organization in multiple places. These include systems at Feide as well as at service provider. For this reason, it is impossible to run with both the old and the new domain during a transition period. The procedure to change domains is:

  1. Set up new user directories in parallel with the old ones for users who are changing domains.

  2. Send us connection details for the new directories, in order that we can test them.

  3. Coordinate the changeover to the new domain with the providers of all services you use. All service providers who use the Feide ID to identify users in their systems have to update these identifiers. The time to change over must be coordinated with Feide as well as with all affected service providers.

  4. At the scheduled time, the service providers update the user IDs and Feide changes the configuration.

  5. After the changeover, the old user directories may be removed.