Feide and Shibboleth#

Feide and Shibboleth federations are based on the same concepts, but Shibboleth federations are somewhat different from Feide. In Shibboleth, it is common to have a mesh of IdPs and SPs, where each service that wants to integrate with a new institution must talk to the different organizations that operate IdPs.

Feide operates one central IdP. A service integrates once with this central IdP, and Feide adjusts access according to the service provider’s and home organization’s requests.

If your service already is integrated with a Shibboleth federation, you can easily integrate with Feide (or the other way around) if the following is in place:

  • Feide uses the SAML 2.0 protocol. You need to ensure that your service supports SAML 2.0, older versions are not compatible with Feide.

  • Feide requires the use of HTTPS.

  • Feide encourages single logout support.