My groups

Audience for this information is administrators and IT staff at home organizations.

In the app Min Side the end user can

  • get an overview of which groups he/she belongs to

  • create or join ad hoc groups

Group overview

When logging into Min Side the end user will see a list of all the groups he/she belongs to that Feide is aware of. These groups can be filtered by group type and member roles, and origin from several sources:

  • The organization’s LDAP directory (the one connected to Feide).

  • A university’s FS database.

  • A lower or intermediate school’s instruction groups

  • Other databases/directories at the organization with a customized integration to Feide.

  • Ad hoc groups created by the end user.

  • Ad hoc groups which the end user is a member of, created by others.

Ad hoc groups

Creating your own groups is a convenient feature of Feide. Education is all about collaboration, interaction and communication - in different groups: big, small, official, non-official, permanent, temporary etc. All groups cannot and will not be registered in the official directories at the organization. The My groups app enables end users to create ad hoc groups wherever needed. The ad hoc groups can be shared across all applications connected to Feide through OIDC/OAuth, as long as the end user has consented to this.

Create a new group

After giving it a name and a description, the end user can start adding members to his/her new group by sharing an invite URL.