Configuring Feide merger solution#

To get an overview, visit the organization page. In the section titled Organizations merging into Ny kommune, you can see which organizations are part of the merger. When pushing the Details-button the section expands to show the state of every service and their merger status, as shown in the screenshot below:

Figure showing the merger status overview

By choosing one of the services, you will be taken to the page of the service, which includes a section titled Merger Support. This is shown in the following screenshot:

Merger support for a service

When the Edit button is pressed more details regarding the state of the merger is shown, as shown below:

Merger support for a service

The screenshot shows the case where the merger support is not active for the service. To activate it, press the Continue button. In doing so, users can log in using their account in the new organization, while getting user data from their old organization. They will still be able to log in using their old account also. The screenshot below shows the activated support:

Activated merger state for service

If you press Continue again, only users from the new organization will be able to log in, while their user data will still come from their old organization. If the Continue button is pressed for the fourth time, the merger support will deactivate for this service, and only users from the new organization will be able to log in.

It is also possible to press the Edit button at any time to manually adjust the state of merger support for the service.