Managing OpenID Connect applications

Applications and APIs in the Developer Dashboard are either associated with an organization or your personal account. You can select the context by choosing between the available tabs:

Dashboard tabs screenshot

Dashboard tabs screenshot

When registering services for production and you are not an administrator for your organization, let your local admin create a placeholder service, and delegate permissions to a developer group.

Login to the dashboard

  • All users in Norwegian education should use Feide to login to the dashboard.

  • For users without a Feide account, choose to login using Feide Guest users.

Personal or organizational context for applications

For applications in production, we strongly recommend that applications be associated with organization accounts, rather than personal accounts. The name and logo of the organization will then be associated with the application and visible to the end user during the login flow..

  • Feide users may register applications and APIs associated with their personal account. This is convenient for experimenting and development. The personal user associated with the application will be visible during the login flow for end users.

  • Guest users need to be associated with a service provider organization to be able to register applications.

If you are registered as an administrator in the Feide customer portal, you will be able to login to the dashboard with the same credentials.

After logging in to the dashboard you may have to request being an administrator of an existing organization under the “+Organization” tab

Registering a new application

Click «Register new application», and you will be prompted to enter some minimal input for you application.

Register new application screenshot

Register new application screenshot

Redirect URL is the URL where the client is redirected back to after authentication. This should be available in the documentation of the software you are about to install. The Redirect URI can be changed later.

Read more in our technical specification about Feide and OIDC/OAuth.

When submitting the initial form the application is ready to connect to Feide, but several additional details can be configured. Take special care to fill in understandable details about your application, including name, description, logo and more. This information will be displayed to end users during login.

OAuth details

In the «OAuth details»-pane you will find all technical details needed that your application would need to configure.

Screenshot from dashboard showing OpenID Connect and OAuth details

Screenshot from dashboard showing OpenID Connect and OAuth details

Login providers

OpenID Connect services using Feide can enable a variety of login providers. In addition to allowing login for users from Norwegian educational institution, you can also allow users to login using ID-porten, edugGAIN or social media.

See the login providers overview for more details.

Using third-party APIs

Feide allows institutions and data owners to make available new datasets that will be very easy to use for application developers.

If you are interested in setting up your own API:

Using the API Gatekeeper

The available APIs can be listed in the tab for third party APIs in the dashboard.

Screenshot from dashboard showing available third-party APIs

Screenshot from dashboard showing available third-party APIs

APIs that you have made available your self will be visible in the My APIs tab, while all others will be available in the 3rd party API tab.

Some APIs may be made available instantly without moderation, while others may require moderation by either the API owner or each of the institutions behind.