Provisioning users and groups#

Traditionally, Feide has only provided user and group data in the context of an actual authenticated user. However, there are a lot of use cases for provisioning user data and/or group data outside of this context.


At the present time only the Groups API can be used in this manner, however we want to also support this for the Userinfo API, and when we do, this should allow us to replace the Checkuser API.

Accessing user/group data without a user login#

Some APIs and endpoints allow services to fetch user/group data without a user needing to log in. To access user/group data in this manner you need to:

The actual user and group data that can be fetched will depend on:

  • The other scopes (attribute groups) that the service has access to

  • Which organizations have activated the service in the Customer Portal

  • What data is available for each API/endpoint.

Refer to the detailed API documentation for more information: