Ad hoc groups#

Ad hoc groups can be created by any user.

Ad hoc groups are managed through Feide Innsyn

Group attributes#

Attributes from VOOT Core#


  • voot:ad-hoc


  • A unique identifier of the ad hoc group, typically a prefixed UUID.

  • Example: "fc:adhoc:902d87a4-03ed-46cb-96ef-b7bef2763232"


  • A human friendly name of the group. Provided by the group creator.

  • Datatype: Translatable String

  • Example: "Feide core team"


  • A textual description of the group (optional). It may be translated as well. Provided by the group creator.

  • Datatype: SCIM String

  • Example: "People working on Feide"


  • An ad hoc group can be both public and private, depending on the settings added by the group administrators.

  • Datatype: SCIM Boolean

  • Example: false

Membership attributes#

The user’s relationship to the group is expressed in a membership object. For ad hoc groups, the object can contain the following attributes:


  • This value may be member, admin or owner.

  • Example: "member"

Example of an ad hoc group#

    "type": "voot:ad-hoc",
    "description": "Testing demo",
    "displayName": "A new group",
    "id": "fc:adhoc:902d87a4-03ed-46cb-96ef-b7bef2763232",
    "membership": {
        "basic": "owner"