Guardian API#

An API for information about students a given parent/guardian is responsible for.


This is a proof of concept implementation. It may be changed or discontinued at short notice.

All calls are to be made using ‘POST’.


The example looks up the students of a given guardian.

It assumes that you are logged into Feide and that $TOKEN contains the access token you received during authentication. You must also have the gk_guardianapi scope in order to be able to access this API.

Students for a guardian#

Look up students for a given guardian.

curl -sS -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN"  -d guardian=21079416549 -d \

[{"eduPersonPrincipalName": "",
  "email": "",
  "userid": "9eb60ee0-8d10-410d-93a8-04190d51ba89",
  "givenName": "Thea",
  "norEduPersonLegalName": "Thea Nilsen"}]

Returns an application/json array of one object for each of the students in a Feide realm the guardian is parent/guardian of. The possible attributes of the students that can be returned - if they are available in the system - are:

  • eduPersonPrincipalName

  • email

  • givenName

  • mobile

  • norEduPersonLegalName

  • norEduPersonLIN

  • norEduPersonNIN

  • userid

If there is more than one student for a guardian, there will be one object like this for each student.

In this proof of concept implementation, only the logged in guardian’s own students may be looked up. It is possible that we may later want to allow teachers or administrators to perform the call. This is the reason that there is an explicit guardian parameter.