Missing group IDs#


This error only applies to primary and secondary schools.

In version 2.0 of the Feide schema we introduced group identifier values in eduPersonEntitlement. The group identifiers contain much of the same information as the information registered in groups. They are however structured differently, to allow us to look up all users belonging to a specific group.

Group identifier values start with the prefix urn:mace:feide.no:go:groupid:. Group values start with the prefix urn:mace:feide.no:go:group:.

There is a one-to-one relation between group identifier values and group values. This means that for every group value there needs to be a corresponding group identifier value, and that for every group identifier value there needs to be a corresponding group value.

This error indicates that the users have group values but no group identifier values.

To fix this, you need to ensure that the values added to eduPersonEntitlement are consistent. For every group retrieved from the data source, you need to create two eduPersonEntitlement values – one group value and one group identifier value.

See Appendix 3 - Registration of group information within eduPersonEntitlement for information about registration of group values and See Appendix 4 - Registration of group-IDs in eduPersonEntitlement for information about registration of group identifier values.


A user may have the following values in eduPersonEntitlement:

  • urn:mace:feide.no:go:group:b::NO987654321:6a:2020-08-01:2021-06-15:student:Klasse%206A

  • urn:mace:feide.no:go:group:u:MAT0006:NO987654321:6a-matte:2020-08-01:2021-06-15:student:Matematikk%20for%206A

  • urn:mace:feide.no:go:group:u:NOR0006:NO987654321:6a-norsk:2020-08-01:2021-06-15:student:Norsk%20for%206A

Here the user is missing the group identifier value for all three groups. These should have been:

  • urn:mace:feide.no:go:groupid:b:NO987654321:6a:2020-08-01:2021-06-15

  • urn:mace:feide.no:go:groupid:u:NO987654321:6a-matte:2020-08-01:2021-06-15

  • urn:mace:feide.no:go:groupid:u:NO987654321:6a-norsk:2020-08-01:2021-06-15