9. Appendix 2 - Registration of Grep-codes within eduPersonEntitlement#

9.1. Terminology#


Students grouped in what year of the education they are attending. Example is after kindergarten the persons starts in årstrinn 1. Then proceeds to årstrinn 2 the next year.

Services are facing an increasing demand for information about users educational year, subject and more. On this basis the GREP-codes shall be registered for users in lower education. In Feide the field eduPersonEntitlement will be used for GREP-codes.

The person’s Grep-values are not connected to each school, but is the sum of the person’s values at all the schools he/she is affiliated with.

See information from Utdanningsdirektoratet for more about Grep-codes.

9.2. Teachers#

It is not mandatory to register Grep-codes for teachers and other employees, only for students attending education covered by grep code collection. Teachers can register Grep-codes for courses they teach in and also groupings(semester, educational programs, program areas and fields) they are responsible for. Other employees shall not have Grep-codes registered.

9.3. Students in 1.-10.grade#

For students in lower education (1.-10. grade), only grade will be registered. This table show which values grade shall have registered for lower education:

Grade Grep-code
1. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn1
2. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn2
3. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn3
4. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn4
5. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn5
6. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn6
7. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn7
8. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn8
9. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn9
10. grade urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn10

9.4. Students in videregående#

For students in videregående the following shall be registered

  • årstrinn

  • educational program

  • program area

This table shows which values grade shall have in videregående:

årstrinn Grep-code
1. årstrinn urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/vg1
2. årstrinn urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/vg2
3. årstrinn urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/vg3

For educational programs and program areas, the number of Grep-codes are both numerous and dynamic, and it will be out of scope to list everything within tables.

We recommend therefore that these Grep-codes are retrieved from the school-administrative systems and prefixed with urn:mace:feide.no:go:grep:.

9.5. Grep-codes registered in school-administrative systems#

Multiple school-administrative systems have Grep code collection implemented within their solutions. At the same time, these systems also contains other codes that provides information about grade, field and more. Bee advised that the Grep-codes that are registered within the Feide catalogue have to be the unique identifier of the grade, educational program, program area or the field itself.

Below are some examples that shows the difference between Grep-codes and other codes.

Example of grade:

  • “8. årstrinn” is a name (short form) and shall not be used as an identifier within Feide.

  • http://psi.udir.no/laereplan/aarstrinn/aarstrinn8 is the grade’s identification and shall be used within Feide.

Example of educational program:

  • “ST” is the code to course-specialization, but this is not the identifier.

  • http://psi.udir.no/ontologi/utdanningsprogram/studiespesialisering is the program’s identifier and shall be used within Feide.

Example of program area:

  • “STREA2—-” is the area’s code.

  • uuid:81d3b889-16c8-4b0a-81af-d0832fbcb219 is the area’s identifier in the code collection and shall be used within Feide.

Example of field:

  • “REA3005” is the code to the field Fysikk 2.

  • uuid:7a0fa1f7-f6f9-4a5e-93a4-78f59ad57166 is the field’s identifier in the code collection and shall be used within Feide.