Service information

This API provides access to information about services connected to Feide.

The service information API is available under

Data model

A service object has the following structure:

  "about_url": "",
  "areas_of_use": [],
  "attributes": [
  "audiences": [],
  "demo_video_url": null,
  "demo_web_url": null,
  "description": {
    "en": "Feide Customer Portal is used by master users at the home organization to subscribe to services, register new services and administer master users. Only registered master users are granted access to Feide Customer Portal.",
    "nb": "I kundeportalen får man oversikt over hvilke tjenester din organisasjon abonnerer på og hvilke tjenester det kan abonneres på. Utvalgte brukere (berettigede) anvender også kundeportalen til å abonnere på tjenester, varsle om nye tjenester, samt administrere berettigede personer.",
    "nn": "Feides kundeportal benyttes av de berettigede ved vertsorganisasjonen til å abonnere på tenester, varsle om nye tenester, samt administrere berettigede personar. Kundeportalen er kun tilgjengeleg for de som er registrert som berettiget ved organisasjonen."
  "id": "16540",
  "levels": [],
  "login_url": "",
  "logo_rectangular": null,
  "logo_square": null,
  "name": {
    "en": "Feide Customer Portal",
    "nb": "Feide Kundeportal"
  "ordering_information": null,
  "payment_model": "free",
  "privacy_policy_urls": {},
  "provider": {
    "id": "136",
    "name": {
      "en": "Uninett",
      "nb": "Uninett"
    "realm": ""
  "subjects": [],
  "technology_requirements": []


An URL with information describing this service.


List of applications / areas of use for this service. The current values are:

  • administrative

  • educational

  • utilities

We may add more values in the future.

Note: This attribute is a list, and one service can have multiple entries here.


List of attributes that this service receives from Feide during login. The list of possible attributes can be found in the attribute list.


The target audiences for this service. Possible values are:

  • higher_education

  • other

  • primary_and_lower_secondary

  • upper_secondary


An URL to a video demonstrating this service.


A web page with a demo version of the service.


Description of this service. This is an object with one key for each language.

This description will be shown on the Feide login page. In general it is therefore just a single paragraph of text.


The identifier of this service.


List of target levels (grades) for this service. Mainly useful for educational services. Possible values are:

  • 1-4

  • 5-7

  • 8-10

  • upper_secondary


A URL to a page where the end user can log into the service.


Identifier for a rectangular logo for this service.


Identifier for a square logo for this service.


Name of this service. This is an object with one key for each language.


Information about where to go for information about where to order this service. This is currently a freeform field, and can contain URLs, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.


What payment model this service uses (if available). Possible values are:

  • free

  • paid

  • partially_paid

If this information is unavailable, this field contains null.


URLs for the service privacy policy. This is an object with one key for each language.


The service provider. This contains a subset of the information available from the organization API.


Subjects this service teaches. Mainly applicable for educational services.

Each subject is returned in the form of a subject object:

  "id": "4",
  "name": {
    "en": "History",
    "nb": "Historie"


List of technology requirements this service has. Each entry in the list is freeform text, so there is no real standardization of values here.

Available endpoints

There are several endpoints available for fetching service provider data. In addition to endpoints fetching service data, there is also an endpoint for fetching the service logo.

Fetching all services


This returns a JSON array containing all services.

Fetching a single service


This returns a JSON object for a single service with the id SVC-ID If the service does not exist, a “404 Not Found” error is returned.

Listing a subset of services


This endpoint allows you to filter the list of services based on some criteria. The criteria are passed as query parameters.

Currently only a single criteria is available:

  • audiences: audience-values this service must have. Multiple values can be specified by repeating the query parameter. In that case all specified values must be present.

Fetching the logo of a service


This URL allows downloads of the logos from the service.

URL parameters:

  • SVC-ID: The service identifier.

  • SHAPE: Either rectangular or square depending on the logo you are fetching.

  • LOGO: The logo identifier. This is the contents of the logo_rectangular or logo_square field in the returned SP data.