Short description Availability in higher education. Availability, primary and secondary school.
cn General name on the person object High High
displayName Person’s preferred name Medium Medium
eduPersonAffiliation Person’s role (ex. student, employee) High High
eduPersonAssurance Set of URIs that assert compliance with specific standards for identity assurance Low Low
eduPersonEntitlement URI indicating rights to specific resources (primary and secondary school: Grep codes) Low Medium
eduPersonOrcid Person’s ORCID IDs Low Low
eduPersonOrgDN:eduOrgLegalName Home organization legal name High High
eduPersonOrgDN:mail Home organization mail address High High
eduPersonOrgDN:norEduOrgNIN Home organization’s organization number High High
eduPersonOrgDN:norEduOrgSchemaVersion Home organization’s version of norEdu* specification High High
eduPersonOrgDN:o Home organization name High High
eduPersonOrgUnitDN List of internal LDAP DNs for the user’s schools Low High
eduPersonOrgUnitDN:mail School email address (primary and secondary school) Low High
eduPersonOrgUnitDN:norEduOrgUnitUniqueIdentifier School unique identifier (primary and secondary schools) Low High
eduPersonOrgUnitDN:ou School name (primary and secondary schools) Low High
eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation Person’s primary role (ex. student, employee) Medium Medium
eduPersonPrimaryOrgUnitDN Internal LDAP DN for the user’s primary school Low Medium
eduPersonPrincipalName Person’s Feide ID High High
eduPersonPrincipalNamePrior Person’s previous Feide IDs at the organization Low Low
eduPersonScopedAffiliation Person’s role and organization Low Low
eduPersonTargetedID Anonymous user identifier High High
feideSchoolList List of school(s) the person is associated with High High
feideYearOfBirth Person’s year of birth High High
givenName Person’s first name High High
mail Person’s email address High Medium
mobile Person’s mobile telephone number Medium Low
norEduPersonLegalName Person’s formal name Medium Medium
norEduPersonNIN Person’s national identity number High High
preferredLanguage Person’s preferred language Low Low
schacHomeOrganization Realm for the person’s home organization High Low
sn Person’s surname High High
uid Person’s local username High High

More information about attribute availability:

The attribute is available for all users.
The attribute is not widely populated yet, but is mandatory as of norEdu* specification v. 1.6. This means that the attribute will be available for all users gradually, but service providers should not rely on the attribute being available for all users yet.
The attribute is usually not available for users.