If your application uses OpenID Connect, you can use the logout mechanism described in OpenID Connect logout. It lets you control which page the user is redirected to after logging out.

In the application, include a logout link that performs the following:

  • First, kills the local session for the current user.

  • Then, redirects the user to the end session endpoint.

The user will then automatically be logged out from the Feide core platform, as well as the authentication source Feide, ID-porten or similar, and the end user will be shown a page telling the user he/she is now successfully logged out.

Notice that the end user will not be automatically logged out from other Feide applications.

For OpenID Connect applications, the end session endpoint is https://auth.dataporten.no/openid/endsession. For legacy applications, it is https://auth.dataporten.no/logout.