3. Organization#

3.1. Mandatory - organization#

3.1.1. eduOrgLegalName#

Attribute name eduOrgLegalName
Short description The official name of the organization.
Example eduOrgLegalName: Universitetet i Norge
Multivalued Yes

3.1.2. norEduOrgNIN#

Attribute name norEduOrgNIN
Short description Organization's number from Brønnøysundregistrene
Example norEduOrgNIN: NO179530458
Multivalued No

Note that norEduOrgNIN shall be the organization number from Brønnøysundregisteret It shall be comprised of nine digits that are prefixed with NO, and it shall not contain hyphens or spaces.

3.1.3. norEduOrgSchemaVersion#

Attribute name norEduOrgSchemaVersion
Short description Which version of norEdu* object Class specification the organization is using.
Example norEduOrgSchemaVersion: 2.0
Multivalued No

3.1.4. o#

Attribute name o
Short description Organization's name.
Example o: Universitetet i Norge
Multivalued Yes

3.1.5. mail#

Attribute name mail
Short description Email to organization.
Example mail: kontakt@universitetet.no
Multivalued Yes