Groups API#

A user typically belongs to a number of groups of various types. Types of groups include

  • Groups which tell what classes, courses, etc. the user is taking part in or teaching

  • Groups which tell what school or university the user is enrolled or employed at

  • Ad hoc groups created by end users

These sets of groups are shared across services, minimizing the need for managing groups separately in each application.

Group model with entities User, Membership, Group and Group type

Group model#

A user is a member of a set of groups. For each group the user is a member of, the membership is represented with the existence of an membership object. The membership object has no required properties, but a set of optional properties.

Properties of the group object are specific to the group and are the same for all members, while properties of the membership object are specific to each member.

All groups share some common properties, while there is a set of group type definitions that define extended attributes for different kind of groups.

Here is an example of a group:

    "id": "fc:adhoc:3422c057-93f4-4564-831b-142ca412f970",
    "displayName": "Dataporten Pilotdeltakere",
    "description": "Utviklere og andre som deltar i Dataporten pilot 2015.",
    "type": "voot:ad-hoc"