4. Organization#

4.1. Mandatory - organization#

4.1.1. eduOrgLegalName#

Attribute Name eduOrgLegalName
Short description The official name of the organization.
Example eduOrgLegalName: Skotthyll kommune


eduOrgLegalName: Skotthyll gielda
Multivalued Yes

4.1.2. o#

Attribute Name o
Short description Organization's name.
Example o: Skotthyll kommune


o: Skotthyll gielda
Multivalued Yes

4.1.3. norEduOrgNIN#

Attribute Name norEduOrgNIN
Short description Organization's number from Brønnøysundregistrene
Example norEduOrgNIN: NO179530459
Multivalued No

Note that norEduOrgNIN shall be the organization number from Brønnøysundregisteret which is the registered school-owner in National school register. It shall be comprised of nine digits that are prefixed with NO, and it shall not contain hyphens or spaces.

4.1.4. mail#

Attribute Name mail
Short description Email to organization.
Example mail: info@skotthyll.kommune.no
Multivalued Yes

4.1.5. norEduOrgSchemaVersion#

Attribute Name norEduOrgSchemaVersion
Short description Which version of norEdu* object Class specification the organization is using.
Example norEduOrgSchemaVersion: 2.0
Multivalued No