6. Changelog#

6.1. From version 2012-02 to version 2013-10#

  • norEduPersonNIN is changed from “mandatory” to “mandatory if a valid value exists”. Guidelines for what types of numbers that can be added to norEduPersonNIN have been changed.

  • eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation is changed from mandatory to recommended.

  • Two new attributes have been recommended: - eduPersonScopedAffiliation - schacHomeOrganization

  • Clarifying that uid shall equal the first part of eduPersonPrincipalName (before “@”)

  • Information about eduPersonPrincipalName and which realm that can be used has been changed.

  • Document is now referring to norEdu*-specification version 1.5.1.

  • New chapter with more information about mandatory, recommended and optional attributes added (ch. 1.2).

  • Figure 1 has been updated, generalizing which attributes are mandatory, recommended and optional.

  • New chapter with overview of optional attributes added to (ch. 5).

  • Changelog added to (ch. 6)

6.2. From version 2014-01 to 2015-06#

  • A new attribute is mandatory for persons that will use strong authentication:

    • norEduPersonAuthnMethod

  • A new attribute that can be used to list up which services a single person shall use strong authentication for. (This is not mandatory):

    • norEduPersonServiceAuthnLevel

  • schacHomeOrganization is changed from recommended to mandatory.

  • It is specified that students attending private schools shall have the value “affiliate” in the attribute eduPersonAffiliation to clarify affiliation to the organization.

6.3. From version 2015-06 to 2018-03#

  • The document now refers to norEdu*-specification version 2.0.

  • Added recommended attribute eduPersonOrcid.

  • Added optional attribute eduPersonPrincipalNamePrior.

  • Clarifying that users without NIN can in fact have a Feide user.

  • Clarify the usage of notes on authentication methods.

  • Added section about data-processing contracts between host organizations and services.

  • Added section about services that incorrectly uses eduPersonPrincipalName as email under the mail attribute.

  • Reformatted from PDF to web-document

  • Reformatted wide tables (collection) into one table per attribute.

  • Corrected error in example for norEduPersonAuthnMethod. Approval secret was shown unencrypted when it should be encrypted. Unencrypted values here have always been rejected by Feide.

  • Corrected error in example for eduPersonAffiliation and eduPersonScopedAffiliation. Added necessary variants.