Organization unit groups#

An organization unit can be any kind of department or part of an organization.

Group attributes#

Attributes from VOOT Core#


  • fc:orgunit


  • A unique identifier of the organization unit.

  • Example: ""


  • Points to the identifier of the organization.

  • Example: ""


  • A human friendly name of the organization unit. Obtained from eduPersonOrgUnitDN:ou

  • Datatype: Translatable String

  • Example: "Department of Informatics"


  • A textual description of the group (optional). It may be translated as well.

  • Leave this field out rather than replicate the name of the organization.

  • Datatype: SCIM String

  • Example: "Research into all aspects of computing"


  • A boolean flag indicating whether the existence of this group and the basic group information is publicly available. It is always false for this group type.

  • Datatype: SCIM Boolean

  • Example: false


  • Will always be true for organization units that are currently active.

  • Datatype: SCIM Boolean

  • Example: true

Membership attributes#

The user’s relationship to the group is expressed in a membership object. For organization unit groups, the object can contain the following attributes:


  • This value may be member, admin or owner.

  • When populated from eduOrg/eduOrgUnit, this value is admin for employees, and member for all others.

  • Example: "member"


  • A boolean flag telling whether the current user is primarily affiliated with this org unit. A user will only have one primary affiliation to an org unit.

  • Datatype: SCIM Boolean

  • Example: true


    "displayName": "Avdeling for System og Mellomvare",
    "id": "",
    "parent": "",
    "type": "fc:orgunit",
    "membership": {
        "primaryOrgUnit": true,
        "basic": "member"
    "public": false


For primary and secondary education, the primaryOrgUnit membership attribute is replaced with primarySchool.